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2008 Annual Report.pdf
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  • 2008 ANNUAL REPORT L _— -- — IVIHY HAS NUMHEH ASIORY3~3OO Oklahoma Disaster Relief volunteers,.
  • hands and feet of Christ to urting people LOVE INACTION A LOST WORLDIII TOUCHED BY OUR WITNES CHANGED BY OUR LORDI ~ “s C, I ~Mor~.á~d more men and women beIi&ed in the Lord and were added to their number,~~ Acts 514 NIV A LETTER FROM DR.
  • Thank you for your participation in the Cooperative Program.
  • Twenty-five riders from across Oklahoma traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota, to participate in the South Dakota Baptist Convention’s 2008 Sturgis Mission where there were 1,344 professions of faith.
  • Ma10 rThi n g .com (0 cc Co —~-~.-1~ COLLEG~ATE M~N~STR~ES Through our participa...
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