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Discipleship Planning Booklet
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  • GRADE All churches 10-12 Understanding God Andy & Kim Harrison (Gaining a proper concept of God) All churches 10-12 Seek, Share, Serve Andy & Kim Harrison (Living a life of intentional evangelism) All churches 10-12 Becoming Christlike Andy & Kim Harrison (Developing the character of Christ) Another study choice… Essentials for Life After High School Compiled by Dwayne Ulmer & Dwayne McCrary (13 Sessions) Another study choice… LifeTrak (Older Youth) LifeWay (13 Sessions, Pub.
  • And finally he reaps the harvest.
  • As a Discipler you will want to continue to give love, discipline, patience, kindness, etc.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Be a good listener, even if what they talk about seems triv...
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