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CP Sunday School Lesson: Scripture Focus: Acts 11:19-30 1. A Cooperative Church Reaches Out. Acts 11:19-24 2. A Cooperative Church Calls Out Leaders. Acts 11:25-26 3. A Cooperative Church Provides Support. Acts 11:27-30 Teaching Objective: Help class participants understand the biblical basis for why our church supports CP Missions and challenge them to become personally involved in missions.
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  • CP Missions Sunday School Lesson
By Mark SnowdenScripture Focus: Acts 11:19-301.
  • A Cooperative Church Reaches Out.
  • So many Jews and Gentiles were coming to faith in Jesus that this wonderful news eventually reached the church leaders (elders) in Jerusalem.
  • Just think if the church at Antioch had been ignored.
  • Our church designates a certain percentage, or a set amount, of its tithes and offerings to CP Missions.
  • The disciples in Antioch took the prophecy of Agabus very seriously.
Mark Snowden
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