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CrossTimbers Health Form.PDF
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  • Camper must submit this form at registration.
  • Name Birth Date Sex Age Last First Middle Initial Home Address Home Phone ( ) Street & Number City State/ Zip Code Area Number Father’s Work Phone ( ) Mother’s Work Phone ( ) Cell Number ( ) Area Number Area Number Area Number Responsible Party or Custodial Parent Guarantor Name (Last, First, Middle) Guarantor home phone Relationship of camper to Guarantor Guarantor work phone Primary Insurance Co.
  • DPT Series Booster Tetanus Booster Typhoid (Must have date) Polio OPV (Sabin) Booster Measles vaccine (live) Tuberculin Test German Measles (Rubella) Mumps Vaccine (live) Smallpox Other RECOMMENDATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS WHILE IN CAMP Medicine to...
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