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7 Guides for Church Stewardship Leaders.pdf
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  • .3 F 4?o04~~ ., 4~4, 04, —.7, , 0, 4 t~4 .7 S p 0, ‘9 ~0 6’ p I p ~Ao ncluded in this CD Case are guides for leaders to: ~ Make Giving More Worshipful—Beginning with a brief overview of givng and worship, numerous ideas are provded for church leaders, members, and families.
  • This guide discusses six different ways to challenge members to develop the grace of giving and consistently grow in attitude and the practice of giving.
  • Seven different WHAT toolsiguides are IS IN also provided TUE CD forstewardshipthe church CASE? ~ Establish An Estate Stewardship/Planned Giving Presence In Your Church—Assists leaders in educating their church families on the importance of estate planning, while...
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