1. Jesus’ Hands

Jesus’ Hands


I’ve heard the Bible stories

About Jesus of Galilee

How He used His hands to heal the sick

And to make the blind man see.

When the multitudes were hungry,

Compassionate hands gave them bread.

When broken hearts were grieving,

Loving hands raised the dead.

When His followers were frightened,

Mighty hands calmed the sea.

When Zaccheus looked for Him,

Friendly hands brought him down from that tree.

When the woman at the well searched for God,

Teaching hands showed her the way.

When His disciples needed strength or help,

Prayerful hands taught them to pray.

But I’d only heard the stories.

I’d never seen the hands,

Till I saw you with the children.

Then I began to understand,

Your hands are His hands.

You’ve surrendered them to His will.

Now He works through your hands,

And touches children still.

Thank you for the hands that teach,

That lead and love throughout the year.

And thank you for the chance to see,

Jesus’ hands are working here.


By Melinda Mahand


Reprinted by permission from Love, Laughter, and Learning

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