Discipleship Material

    Discipleship Is A Great Word  – What does it take to disciple students? Is discipleship more than a study?

    Six Years and a Blank Piece of Paper  – Where do I start in this process of discipleship?

    Building a Plan for Discipleship – How can I ensure that I have faithfully entrusted the gospel to maturing students?

    Developing Discipleship Leaders  – I can’t do this alone. How do I gain assistance?

    What are some discipleship models? What are the “essentials” my students need to know and live?
    (Discipleship Models)

    Suggested curriculum plan for discipleship and discipler job description
    (Discipleship Planning Booklet)

    What are Lead Teams and how do I put them together?
    (Lead Team Ministry)

    I want to train my leadership in how to love and disciple the wild kids.
    (Discipling Wild Kids Conference Material)

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