1. Oklahoma Youth Ministry
    2. SBC Youth Ministry Sites
    3. Apologetic Links
    4. Girls Ministry
    5. Legal Advice for Ministry
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Oklahoma Youth Ministry

www.code2life.com - Share your story online by getting a locker
www.supersummerok.com - Oklahoma Super Summer
www.okbu.edu - Oklahoma Baptist University Site
www.FallsCreekOK.org - For the Sake of the Call Falls Creek Campaign
www.FallsCreekSeats.org - Naming a seat in the New Tabernacle
www.bcmonline.org - Official Site for Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Oklahoma
www.bgco.org - The Mother of all web sites for Oklahoma Baptists

SBC Youth Ministry Sites

www.studentz.com - Student Evangelism site of NAMB
www.ConnectwithGod.com - Great home page for your students
www.sbcstudents.com - Portal of SBC Youth Ministry Resources
www.catchthis.net - How to do a campus club
www.TheKristo.com - Flash Gospel Presentation
www.thetask.org - Youth Site of IMB
www.acteens.com - Girls Ministry from WMU SBC
www.truelovewaits.com - True Love Waits Official Site
Lifeway Student Stuff
Youth Ministry Lab at Southwestern Seminary

Associational Camps

Camp Lela, Pawnee; Contact: Tom Owens 918/225-2300
Cherokee Baptist Assembly, Tahlequah; Contact: Cherokee Assoc. 918/456-1731
Gibson Baptist Assembly, Hardesty; Contact: Jim Paul 580/888-4591
Grand Lake Baptist Assembly, Grove; Contact: Keith Lozier 918/791-1400
Green Country Baptist Assembly, Disney; Contact: Tom Foldger 918/435-4426
Kiamichi Baptist Assembly, Talihina; Contact: Jay Baker 918/567-2601
Muscogee-Seminole-Wichita Indian Assembly, SE of Henryetta; Fred Lindsey 405/452-3722
Northwestern Baptist Assembly, Vici; Contact: Archie Webb 580/995-4988
Southwest Baptist Churches Assembly, S of Lone Wolf; Contact: Bill McKenzie 580/846-5784
Tenkiller Baptist Assembly Campground, Cookson; Contact: Ed Baker 918/457-5105,
Tulakogee Conference Center, Wagoner; Contact: Don Burns 918/462-3212,
info@tulakogee.com , www.tulakogee.com  

Apologetic Links

www.apologetics.org - All things apologetics, especially Intelligent Design
www.icr.org - Institute for Creation Research
www.carm.org - Christian apologetics
www.reasons.org - Info especially on Intelligent Design
www.answersingenesis.com - Great site for information on the reliability of scripture and intelligent design
www.equip.org - All kinds of info from the Christian Research Institute
www.leaderu.com - Christian Academic and Collegiate Site
www.watchman.org - Info on Cults
www.namb.net/evangelism - Great info on world religions
www.CreationTruth.com  - Creation stuff, could you guess that?

Evangelism and Missions

www.code2life.com - Make your own on line tract, very cool
www.ConnectwithGod.com - Home page for students and info about your church
www.thekristo.com - Flash Gospel presentation
www.beyondextreme.com - Bizarre stuff and a gospel presentation
www.vitanovis.com - College site, lots of great info and cool gospel presentation
www.catchthis.net - Information on starting and maintaining an evangelistic campus club
www.studentz.com - NAMB Youth Ministry / mission information
www.thetask.org - IMB youth mission information
www.iwglobal.com - iwitness Ministries, mission sending organization
www.targetharvestmexico.org - Help for College groups and individuals going to Mexico

Girls Ministry

www.girlsofgrace.com - Does the "of Grace" ring a bell?
www.acteens.com - Girls Ministry from WMU SBC
www.briomag.com - Girls Magazine from Focus on the Family
www.sageministries.org - Girls Ministry based out of Rockwall, TX
www.virtuousreality.com - Girls Ministry based out of Austin, TX
www.idministries.com - Retreat and Conference Speaker, Tulsa, OK

Legal Advice for Ministry

www.aclj.org - The American Center for Law and Justice
www.christianlegalsociety.org - Christian Legal Society
www.rutherford.org - The Rutherford Institute

Media / Video Companies

www.highwayvideo.com - Great Youth Video Company
www.ministryandmedia.com - News and info on all kinds of media
www.interviewwithgod.com - Computer Movie of one man's thoughts of God
www.visualrealityonline.com - Great Youth Video Company
www.osbd.org - UK Christian Video Company - very "artsy"
www.interlinc-online.com - New music, videos, graduation gifts and evangelism tools

Parent Help

www.cpyu.org - Parenting Ideas

Youth Ministry Events and Companies

Youth Ministry Lab at Southwestern Seminary
Mark Matlock Student Conferences and Planet Wisdom Youth Ministry
www.youthspecialties.com - Huge Youth Specialties Site
www.youthministry.com - Group Publishing Site
www.youthpastor.com - Youth Ministry info and stuff

Youth Ministry Resources

http://bible.gospelcom.net - All Bible Translations and Search Engine for Bible Verses (Free)
www.youthandreligion.org - Massive Secular Research project on Youth and Religion in America
www.cpyu.org - parenting ideas
www.spankmag.com - youth culture by youth - Not a Christian Site
www.spin360.com - worship CD’s for your group
www.firststone.org - Homosexual Outreach and Counseling Info
www.scopeministries.org  - Christian Counseling Group in OKC
www.lifeway.com/24hour/index2.htm - 24 Hour Counselor On line
www.barna.org - Stats on the church and culture
www.gospelcom.net - Random Christian Stuff and Resources
www.wisdomworks.org/evangelismreport - Stats on our culture
www.family.org- Focus on the Family
www.youthministryonline.com - Information and resources from Doug Fields
www.nnym.org - National Network of Youth Ministries
www.syatp.com - See You At The Pole
www.interlinc-online.com - New music, videos, graduation gifts and evangelism tools
Mark Matlock Student Conferences and Planet Wisdom Youth Ministry Ideas
www.safetysurf.com - Internet filter / parental controls . monitoring   www.covenanteyes.com - Internet Accountability Software
www.thesource4ym.com - Youth Minister Helps
www.youthministry.com - Youth Minister Helps
www.pastor2youth.com - Youth Minister Helps
www.youthpastor.com - Youth Minister Helps
www.christianguitar.org - Pretty self explanatory what is here.
www.stikfish.com - Personalized Youth Resources and Speakers
www.transformstudent.org - Precept Ministries Youth Resources  


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