Falls Creek
    Forever Changed at Falls Creek
    During the summer of 2005, visitors to Falls Creek were
    greeted with a new 6,000-seat covered amphitheater. The
    original tabernacle was taken down in late spring to make way
    for the new 7,056-seat, enclosed tabernacle scheduled to open
    the summer of 2007.
    The new amphitheater
    will serve as the
    temporary home for
    worship services until
    the new tabernacle is
    Nothing demonstrates the heart of Oklahoma Baptists more
    than the world’s largest Christian youth campground – Falls
    Creek Baptist Conference Center. Never has the spirit of
    outreach been more
    evident than during the
    2005 summer youth
    encampment where record
    crowds reached 45,523.
    Falls Creek’s record
    attendance resulted in
    3,682 decisions for Christ,
    including 1,414 for
    salvation. For the first
    time in Falls Creek
    history, over 1,000
    students led fellow
    campers to Christ.
    Upon making a decision to follow Christ, new believers at
    Falls Creek received a copy of
    Te Pursuit
    , a CD-ROM based
    discipleship program containing a video on baptism, a copy of
    scripture, a mentoring guide and other material to help new
    Christians form a strong foundation in Christ.
    Students making decisions to follow God’s calling into
    vocational ministry received copies of
    Te Discovery
    , which is
    also CD-ROM based material designed to help young people
    understand their new calling.
    Te Pursuit
    Te Discovery
    were made possible by Cooperative Program donations.
    In addition to an incredible week of summer camp, students
    were challenged to take miniature copies of the New
    Testament and distribute the Bibles to other students at their
    schools during the year. By late summer 2005, over 30,000
    Bibles had been utilized for evangelism by students.
    I was saved and entered a personal relationship with the Lord on
    Tuesday, July 27, 2004, during the evening worship service at
    Falls Creek. It is incredible to be part of a youth group that is
    willing to help you along your new Christian walk. However, it is
    even more joyous when you are able to share that joy and the
    love of Jesus Christ with your friends. This summer at Falls
    Creek, I was blessed to have led and prayed with four of my
    friends who made decisions for the Lord. I was being witnessed
    to and then turned around and witnessed to others just a year
    later. Now, being in college, it is great to share my wonderful
    experience with my college friends. God is awesome!
    — Bobby Arnold
    Beaver, First Baptist Church
    Because of your Cooperative Program
    support, 1,414 students accepted Christ
    at Falls Creek.
    Cooperative Program giving
    supports the programming
    budget at Falls Creek.

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