Disaster Relief
Blessings In Wake of Disaster
At the request of Governor Brad
Henry, over 1,500 Oklahoma
Baptists volunteered to greet and
assist hurricane victims from the
Gulf Coast Region at Falls Creek
Baptist Conference Center. More
than 3,000 beds were prepared and
over 5,000 Buckets of Blessing care
two days. Although the Federal Emergency Management Agency
ultimately decided not to utilize Falls Creek, Oklahoma Baptists
were prepared to serve survivors, the state and our Savior.
One hundred percent of the funds received for disaster relief are
used to meet the needs and minister to affected people because
Oklahoma Southern Baptist churches provide for the operating
expenses with their Cooperative Program gifts.
Throughout the year several devastating natural disasters gave
the Oklahoma Disaster Relief Team opportunities to express
the love of Christ to thousands of hurting people.
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Teams represent the second
largest trained volunteer organization in the nation and prepare
an estimated 80 percent of the
hot meals distributed by the
American Red Cross in the
United States. There are over
1,150 trained Baptist disaster
relief volunteers in Oklahoma.
In 2005, teams responded to
tsunami victims in Indonesia, and
Thailand, where over 150,000
people lost their lives. Oklahoma
Baptist teams traveled to the
region taking care of medical needs and assisting local hospitals
and clinics. In all, 27 Oklahoma teams, made up of 132
volunteers, provided relief in the tsunami stricken area.
Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Feeding Units were the first
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Teams preparing hot meals for
victims following Hurricane Katrina, the largest natural disaster
in the history of the United States.
By early October, over 200 Oklahoma Baptist trained volunteers
had logged over 21,000 man hours, prepared over 300,000 hot
meals and cleared fallen trees and storm debris from over 250
homes. Disaster Relief Chaplains accompanied each mobile unit
to minister in word and deed.
Forty Southern Baptist State Convention Disaster Relief Teams
combined to prepare over 6 million meals within six weeks after
Hurricane Katrina.
Chainsawing a Path for Victims of Hurricane Katrina
The greatest blessing I receive through our experiences is from
the visit with the homeowners to pray with them and for them.
It is always wonderful to share about Jesus; that’s why we are
here, not only physically, but spiritually. Even if we don’t see
them come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior on our rotation,
we plant the seeds for another crew to come along, water and
possibly see the harvest.
— Ted Wilson
Member of Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief
Chainsaw Team
Ted Wilson was a part of the many chainsaw teams that cleared
fallen trees and storm debris from over 250 homes in the New
Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina.
Volunteers prepared thousands
of meals for victims.
5,000 Buckets of Blessings
were distributed.

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