Family’s Salvation Began At VBS
BGCO and funded by the Cooperative Program. Duncan,
Immanuel, reported 17 baptisms as a result of starting seven new
units in their Sunday School Program.
VBS Information —
Vacation Bible School is one of the greatest
evangelism opportunities for the local church. The BGCO led
VBS leadership training events in every association this year with
over 4,500 participants. Early reports indicate that VBS has
resulted in over 1,540 decisions for Christ. These figures are 4
percent above the totals for the same period last year. Over 6,950
new Sunday School prospects have also been identified.
Over 325 churches received FAITH Sunday School
training in 2005. A Hispanic FAITH Clinic in Oklahoma City
had nearly 40 participants and, as a result, recorded 14
professions of faith. After implementing the FAITH Sunday
School strategy, OKC, Southwood, reported 20 baptisms in the
first semester alone.
Leadership Development
Oklahoma Baptists have given new
life to churches in transition due to
efforts of Leadership Development.
With an average of 230 out of
1700 churches without a pastor at
any given time, the nation’s largest
team of transitional pastors in
Oklahoma stays busy. Over 50
trained and certified transitional
pastors across the state enable
Oklahoma Baptist churches to take
advantage of one of the fastest
growing strategies for churches
without pastors. More and more
churches have discovered the opportunity and fresh vision that
can come during transitional time. Most churches that utilize
the Transitional Pastor process experience growth during the
interim time. They are also able to call a new pastor more
quickly and testify that the experience was positive. In 2005, the
Transitional Pastor process was shared with at least one church
per week. Eight out of every 10 churches who learn about the
process choose to take advantage of it. Thanks to the
Cooperative Program, trained professionals are available to
Oklahoma Baptists during one of the most critical times in
church life.
Sunday School —
School continues to be at the
center of reaching Oklahoma for
Christ. Last year over 2,700 new
Sunday School units were
started. Approximately 4,000
Sunday School Leaders
participated in training events
that were sponsored by the
This summer, a little girl at our church became interested in
church, accepted Christ and was baptized all within a few
months of attending VBS. Because of her faithfulness and
childlike nature, her parents’ interest peaked and both received
Christ after witnessing their own daughter’s profession of faith.
Shortly after these life-changing events occurred, the father
began witnessing to his parents, the little girl’s grandparents. In
spite of the grandfather’s apprehension of the church, both
grandparents became Christians and were baptized. They are all
members of our church and are actively involved in ministry!
Praise God for Vacation Bible School reaching the lives of many
children and families!
— Howard Head
Pastor, Geary First Baptist Church
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