1. Corporate Prayer for Summer Camps and Spiritual Awakening

A Summer of Seeking God

Corporate Prayer for Summer Camps and Spiritual Awakening
(A Five-Minute Corporate Prayer Format)

The pastor or designated leader briefly calls attention to the extreme importance of Oklahoma’s summer camps and the urgent need for spiritual awakening. He stresses that many Oklahoma churches are using the summer months to give special prayer focus for these issues. The leader then asks the congregation to bow and join him in specific prayer for the camps and for spiritual awakening. The prayer leader would then corporately pray some or all of the specific requests in the two prayer covenants provided. I strongly encourage the covenants to be provided or included in the worship service bulletin. An option for consideration is to encourage teachers, deacons and staff to come to the altar just before you lead in corporate prayer. In many cases the symbol of kneeling before God helps believers grasp the importance and urgency of our need for God’s touch.

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