1. Spiritual Advisors include:
  2. Church-Transforming Prayer and Renewal Conferences
    1. “Office of Prayer and
    2. Spiritual Awakening”
      1. A Most Unique Conference Approach
      2. How the Conference Process Works
  3. “Going Deeper with God”
  4. The Most Popular Conference Option
  5. Other Conferences Available

meetings, participants experience profound cleansing and transformation along with periods of dynamic worship. The effect is powerful healing and growth.
Transformed Relationships, Healed Families and United Churches – This conference brings all types of relationships into supernatural transformation, unity and growth. Participants experience the conviction that leads to profound healing and victory. Whether a church is healthy or in extreme crisis, this event brings dynamic breakthroughs and growth. It is especially powerful for families and churches experiencing underlying conflict or division. (Book and workbook available)
The Seven Essentials of Holiness and Power in Christian Leaders – This conference impacts pastors, church leaders or community leaders through powerful principles of growth and renewal. While facilitating a time of deep cleansing, the process brings also phenomenal revival, victory and closeness with God. (Book available)
Powerful Prayer Meetings and Evangelistic Prayer Ministries – This conference leads individuals, families or churches into effective patterns of evangelistic, revival-producing prayer. Participants learn to experience much needed spiritual breakthroughs in areas of evangelism or family transformation. The focus is developing family prayer and church prayer strategies that increase baptisms, power and spiritual health. (Book available)


Spiritual Advisors include:

Dr. Henry Blackaby
Dr. T. W. Hunt
Dr. Anthony Jordan
Author Evelyn Christenson

About the Author: Dr. Frizzell has over 25 years of pastoral, revival and conference experience. He has authored fifteen books and broadcast three multi-state Christian radio programs. He is Director of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and a prayer mobilization missionary for the North American Mission Board. Dr. Frizzell leads frequent conferences in the nation’s largest churches and retreat centers like Glorietta and Ridgecrest. In 2001 he also became President and Founder of Gregory Frizzell Prayer and Renewal Ministries, Inc.

Conference and Order Information:
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell
3800 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 942-3800
e-mail gfrizzell@bgco.org

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Church-Transforming Prayer and Renewal Conferences

“Office of Prayer and

Spiritual Awakening”
  This unique conference ministry sprang from a burning passion to see modern churches experience deep renewal, supernatural unity and lasting change. Today’s conference ministry grew out of Dr. Frizzell’s twenty-five years of broad pastoral, revival and evangelism experience. Also pivotal were his years of close association and joint labors with Henry Blackaby and T. W. Hunt in strategies of revival and spiritual awakening.
 In over two decades of researching history’s spiritual awakenings, Dr. Frizzell became burdened that many churches unknowingly miss a key element of genuine revival. After long seeking revival in his own church, God mercifully revealed the “missing element” and a powerful biblical process that leads to profound renewal.

A Most Unique Conference Approach
God’s dynamic process involves the timeless principle of thoroughly exposing believers to God’s Word for each key area of their lives. This practical biblical approach leads believers to personally pray through scriptures and reflective questions which deeply address all seven major life issues. This simple biblical preparation occurs church-wide a few weeks before the renewal prayer conference takes place. While the   preparation is simple and does not   interfere with other   church programs, the process brings phenomenal impact! After all, it is God’s Word that doesn’t return void, not man’s ideas or clichés.
 Beyond question, the prior scriptural preparation increases conference impact many-fold. When we piloted this process at First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas the biblical preparation brought truly awesome results. Immediately, we knew God had revealed a practical way busy churches could experience the same profound cleansing and renewal of past great revivals.

How the Conference Process Works
 A few weeks before the conference, all active adults and youth can receive a copy of the best seller book, Returning to Holiness for only $1.50 (based on numbers ordered). Though the book sells for ten dollars or more in bookstores, our publisher allows us to offer them to churches at this unbelievably low price. Indeed, our purpose is to assist churches, not make profits. In the seven weeks prior to the conference, all members are asked to personally pray through one spiritual cleansing section each week.
 During the preparation period, we have seen hundreds of church members converted and dynamic healing in seriously divided churches and families. Because God’s Word is so powerful, believers are gloriously transformed by this scripture-filled personal journey. Returning to Holiness is written in such a manner that large numbers of your people will actually work through it. (It is not complicated or wordy.)
 Best of all, the process in no way interferes with the various church emphases already in place. When this simple biblical preparation is embraced, conference results are incredible and lasting!
At the actual conference, participants may then receive the second book, Developing a Powerful Prayer Life and Intimacy With God. Because believers are highly motivated by the seminar, they eagerly work through the second resource in the weeks following the conferences. By adding these powerful before and after elements, the impact is truly life-changing.
 Though churches are not required to use the resources, they are highly recommended and present no financial barrier for any church. This simple renewal process restores churches to the deep biblical cleansing, usually missing in modern efforts. When a conference is merely an “event” that quickly comes and goes, the impact is seldom deep or lasting.

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“Going Deeper with God”

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The Most Popular Conference Option
 Though several different conferences are available, the most powerful option is to combine all in a single two day conference called “Going Deeper with God”. An especially effective format is the Sunday-Monday conference. This church-changing process utilizes the Sunday School hour (with all adults and youth combined), the morning worship hour, discipleship training and evening worship. The church-wide conference concludes with a powerful service Monday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.
On Monday morning, there is a three hour conference for staff and key church lay leaders. A two hour afternoon conference is designed to train and inspire anyone interested in the church prayer ministry. We also focus on ways to revolutionize the church prayer meeting. Though the Sunday-Monday approach works well, the format and subjects can easily be altered to other days or formats.

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Other Conferences Available
Developing Mountain-Moving Prayer and Intimacy with God – The conference motivates and instructs individuals in all five essential types of prayer. Participants also learn to pray various biblical and character words to revolutionize their power and intimacy with God. Believers further learn to clearly hear God’s voice and pray with awesome effect. (Book and workbook available)
Journey to Holiness and Power – This conference teaches individuals and churches to daily encounter God in powerful cleansing, holiness and transformation. While participants experience deep repentance and transformation the entire process is filled with grace and hope. (Book and workbook available)
Church Revivals and Solemn Assemblies – These meetings are flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of each church, association or area-wide conference. In such

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