Tent Rental Agreement and Acknowledgements

    To ensure proper communication between the Evangelism Office and your staff/event coordinator, please initial the following acknowledgements and return with your tent application. Please note, your tent application will NOT be fully approved nor will any scheduling arrangements be made until this acknowledgement is signed by the responsible party for your event and received by the Evangelism office. Thank you for your cooperation.


    I have completely read the Tent Rental and Registration
    I understand it is our (church renting the tent) responsibility
    to pick up and return the tent after our event and to provide the manpower for set-up and take-down.
    I acknowledge tent installation and take-down times are to
    be coordinated with the Tent Consultant, Brian Nix, prior to making arrangements for the appropriate manpower.
    I acknowledge there will be no attempt to set-up or take-
    down the tent prior to the arrival of the Tent consultant, Brian Nix. This includes unloading the tent from the trailer.

    Again, please return this signed form with your application. If you have any questions regarding your tent rental, please feel free to contact our staff. Thank you!
    Reservations/Administrative questions:
    Linda Rickey          405-942-3800 ext. 4322
    Scheduling/Installation questions:
    Brian Nix          405-606-5999 or brian@nixrealestate.com

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