1. Tent Rental and Application Packet
  2. Tent Usage Application
      1. Tent Requested: (Please check one)
      2. Contact Person:
  3. Tent Preparation Checklist
      1. Local Permit for Tent Set-up
      2. Liability Insurance
      3. Set-up/Take Down
      4. Care for the Tent During the Event

Tent Rental and
Application Packet
Evangelism Group
3800 North May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
405-942-3800 ext. 4313 Fax 405-516-4832

Getting Started:
Scheduling the Tent
Only churches and/or associations affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
may use the evangelism tents. When a tent is needed, it should be requested early. Tents may be
scheduled as follows:
1. Call the Baptist Building, Evangelism Office at 405-942-3000 ext. 4322 or email
lrickey@bgco.org to check for availability.
2. Complete the application form on Page 3 of this packet and return it to the Evangelism
Office with the appropriate fee.
3. The Evangelism Office will send a confirmation form only when the Evangelism Office
has received the application and deposit.
4. Contact your insurance company to provide proof of liability insurance. A minimum of
$1,000,000 Limit of Liability is required. The BGCO must be listed as "Additional
Insured" during your use of the tent.
Your Responsibility
Please read through every page of this packet. The tents are a wonderful resource as you
minister within your church and community. It is critical for each partner in ministry to be
aware of the details for using this resource. Don
ˇt hesitate to call the Evangelism office if you
have any questions.
Transporting the Tent and Equipment
The tents are stored on utility trailers in the Oklahoma City area. The user will be responsible
for picking up and returning the tent. Trailer hitch and light hookup specifications are located
on Page 5 of this packet. The trailer will also contain materials such as stakes, poles and ropes,
which are necessary for setting up the tent. The user must provide all equipment such as
sledge-hammer, sound system, chairs, platform, pulpit and other miscellaneous items. The tent
must be placed on a flat surface, free of power lines and trees. The user will need to provide 20
or more men for set-up and duct tape to secure the ropes.
Tent Set Up
The tent must be placed on a flat surface, free of power lines and trees. The user will need to
provide 20 or more men to set up the tent and secure the ropes. If 20 men are not present to help
set up the tent it will not be erected and must be returned. The weight and size of the tents
demand a full crew of 20 volunteers because safety is an issue. The Tent Consultant will assist
in the tent set up and take down process. His contact information will be provided when the
confirmation information is sent.

Tent Rental
Agreement and Acknowledgements
To ensure proper communication between the Evangelism Office and your staff/event
please initial the following acknowledgements and return with your tent
. Please note, your tent application will NOT be fully approved nor will any
scheduling arrangements be made until this acknowledgement is signed by the responsible party
for your event and received by the Evangelism office. Thank you for your cooperation.
I have completely read the Tent Rental and Registration
I understand it is our (church renting the tent) responsibility
to pick up and return the tent after our event and to provide the
manpower for set-up and take-down.
I acknowledge tent installation and take-down times are to
be coordinated with the Tent Consultant, Brian Nix, prior to
making arrangements for the appropriate manpower.
I acknowledge there will be no attempt to set-up or take-
down the tent prior to the arrival of the Tent consultant, Brian
Nix. This includes unloading the tent from the trailer.
Again, please return this signed form with your application. If you have any questions
regarding your tent rental, please feel free to contact our staff. Thank you!
Reservations/Administrative questions:
Linda Rickey
405-942-3800 ext. 4322
Scheduling/Installation questions:
Brian Nix
405-606-5999 or brian@nixrealestate.com

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Tent Usage Application
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Evangelism Office
Date of Application __________________________________________________________________________
Name of Church or Association ________________________________________________________________
Name of Pastor or DOM ______________________________________________________________________
Requested Date(s) of Use _____________________________________________________________________
Location of Tent set-up site____________________________________________________________________
Type of Surface _____________________________________________________________________________
(Please ensure no buried cables, etc. or overhead obstructions within 20 feet)
Tent Requested: (Please check one)
%¡ Tent #1 (52X52 round-requires space of 67 ˇ round)
Seats 200-300
%¡ Tent #2 (52X76 oval-requires space of 67x91)
Seats 450-500
%¡ Tent #3 (52X124 oval-requires space of 67x139)
Seats 700-900
What will tent be used for? ____________________________________________________________________
Contact Person:
Name _____________________________________________________________________________________
Position in Church or Association ________________________________________________________________
Church Address _____________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________________________Zip_______________________
Home Phone ___________________________________ Cell ________________________________________
Church Phone ______________________________ E-Mail _________________________________________
We, the undersigned have read and understand the guidelines and responsibilities for use of the evangel-
ism tent of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. We make application for scheduling and use
of the tent with the assurance that we assume responsibility for the use of the tent and complying with
the guidelines. Use for longer periods must be negotiated with the Evangelism Office.
Payment must be received with application in order to reserve a tent unless prior arrangements have
been made with the Evangelism Office. A full refund will be made if cancellation is received 60 days in
advance of booking.
Pastor or DOM______________________________________________ Date ___________________
Contact Person ______________________________________________ Date ___________________
Please mail payment and application to BGCO Evangelism Group, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma
City, OK 73112. Applications can be email to lrickey@bgco.org or fax to 405-516-4832.

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Tent Preparation Checklist
Local Permit for Tent Set-up
___Call or visit your local City Hall or appropriate governmental office to obtain a permit. Do not as-
sume that because your site is in an unincorporated area, that you do not need a permit.
___You will need to contact your local Fire Department. There are certain rules and regulations that fire
laws demand.
___A ˝Certificate of Flame Resistance
˛ is required by local authorities before they will grant permits for
the tent. It is enclosed with this packet.
Liability Insurance
tional Insured must be named: Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. (See Insurance Statement
___Proof of insurance showing insurance requirements to be in effect must be received in our office at
least ten days prior to your use of the tent.
Set-up/Take Down
___Do not attempt to set up or take down the tent without the Tent Consultant. He has the training and
experience necessary to avoid damage to the tent during set up/take down.
___You need to enlist 20 or more strong men to help put the tent up and take the tent down. Also,
please have about ten (10 +) sledge hammers to use for driving stakes.
___Please inform your men the Tent Consultant will supervise the set up and take down.
DO NOT WALK ON THE TENT! If you must be on the tent, take off your shoes and crawl down the
webbing. The majority of damage occurs from carelessness. Walking on the tent or the side walls will
cause holes. Regardless of the ground surface, please do not walk on the tent.
Care for the Tent During the Event
___Due to Oklahoma ˇs unpredictable weather and high winds, take every precaution necessary to secure
the tent in a safe manner. Valuable equipment such as pianos, sound systems, etc., should be covered
with plastic sheeting to protect them from wind and rain.
___If you have valuable equipment under the tent, it is suggested that someone be stationed near the tent
every night it is set up.
___If the tent is torn or damaged, please contact the Tent Consultant, Brian Nix, at 405-606-5999 as
soon as possible. We will repair minor tears or refer you to the appropriate professionals.
___In the event of heavy rain, without substantial wind, the lower end of the side poles should be moved
toward the inside of the tent. This lowers the outer edge and allows water to run off. If this is not done,
large pockets of water will gather and the weight will collapse the tent. In the event of heavy rain with
substantial wind, side poles should remain upright so tent will remain tight and capable of sustaining
wind. The person responsible for the tent will need to inspect frequently for pooling water.

Tent Pick-up and Return Information
The Convention Tents are stored on utility trailers at Boys Ranch Town, 5100 SE 33
Edmond, OK. It is located on I-35 North, exit #139 just north of the Turner Turnpike, one half
mile east of I-35. Please refer to the enclosed map. Groups using one of the tents are
responsible for picking up and returning the trailer to this location. Tents must be placed inside
the tent barn.
Tow Vehicle Requirements
1. Full size pickup, van or automobile with an 8-cylinder engine and with trailer hitch.
2. Hitch must be Class 3 (500 lbs. tongue weight with 3,500 lbs. load capacity).
3. Hitch ball required is 2 inches for both tents.
4. Light hookup is a standard 4-prong, flat for Tent #1 (52 X 52) & Tent#2 (52 X 76).
Please do not send a tow vehicle which does not meet these requirements.
52 ˇ x 52 ˇ Black Trailer
52 ˇ x 76 ˇ Black Trailer w/ white tongue

Insurance Requirements
Please be aware a $300,000 minimum per occurrence liability is required. The Baptist General
Convention of Oklahoma must be listed as ˝Additional Insured ˛ during your use of the tent.
Doing this will generate a minimal additional premium on your policy. Please contact your
insurance company. Proof of insurance is necessary before the tent is picked up. Please fax or
e-mail a copy of proof of insurance as soon as possible. The fax number for the Evangelism
office is (405) 516-4832. The e-mail address is lrickey@bgco.org
Tent Site Preparation Checklist
The following things should be accomplished before setup day.
Safety Items:
Some safety items to be considered, whether required by code or not, are listed
o Fire Extinguishers ? could be borrowed from the church.
o White Safety Tape ? to be tied on the tent roped to make them more visible in the evening.
o Outside Lighting ? one gallon plastic milk jugs, with the top cut out, to go over tent stakes
to protect shins.
Identify Utility Lines:
Costly repair bills and possible injuries can be avoided by calling the
number listed in your phone book and having utility lines marked at the event side. Don
assume you know where they are, find out.
Clear Debris:
Clear the site of any debris. This will improve the appearance of the site,
protect the tent and improve safety. Inspect for any tree limbs which may endanger the tent.
These should be removed, if possible, and if not, t hey should be tied up.
Mow Grass:
The grass should be mowed in the area where the tent will be set up. Mowing
should be done with equipment which will leave a short and even surface.
Spray for Pests:
It will be hard for the people to concentrate if ticks, chiggers or other
creatures are attacking them. Spray as many times as needed to get the desired result. Cut the
grass before spraying to be most effective.
Fill Holes:
Any holes should be filled and packed to avoid tripping hazards.
Set Layout for the Tent:
Remember to consider drainage, the direction of the sun, the
prevailing winds and the availability of electricity. Remember to cover at night sound system
and musical instruments with plastic sheeting to protect from wind and rain.
Rest Rooms:
Some cities require portable toilets if indoor facilities are not readily available at
the site. This matter warrants consideration even if not required.

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