1. Pre-registration Deadline: July 1, 2009
      2. Sabrina Thomson email: Sabrina.Thomson@tulsafbc.org
      3. visit www.bgco.org.

Workshop Registration
CWE 2009 Group Registration Form
Pre-registration Deadline: July 1, 2009
after July 1
$50 x________(# of people)=$________($55)
Fri. only
$40 x________(# of people)=$________($45)
Sat. only
$40 x________(# of people)=$________($45)
after July 1
$60 x________(#of people)=$________($65)
Fri. only
$50 x________(#of people)=$________($55)
Sat. only
. $50 x________(#of people)=$________($55)
Box lunches will be included in the pre-registration fee
for both Friday and Saturday. Please let us know how
many lunches you need to reserve for Friday and Saturday.
I need________reservations for the Friday box lunch.
I need________reservations for the Saturday box lunch.
Total enclosed $_____________________
Friday only:
(1)_____________________ (2)______________________
Friday and Saturday:
(1)_____________________ (2)_______________________
(3)_____________________ (4)_______________________
(5)_____________________ (6)_______________________
(7)_____________________ (8)_______________________
(9)_____________________ (10)______________________
(11)____________________ (12)______________________
(13)____________________ (14)______________________
(15)____________________ (16)______________________
Saturday only:
(1)_____________________ (2)______________________
(3)_____________________ (4)_______________________
Make checks payable to Oklahoma CWE.
Mail Registration form and conference fees to:
Nancy Coffey, CWE Secretary/Treasurer,
Council Road Baptist church, 2900 N. Council Road, Bethany, Ok
Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation packet
Dare to Dream Conference
(for Directors)
Ministry Without Limits Acts 28:31
April 16th & 17th, 2009
Southern Hills Baptist Church, OKC
2009 Church Weekday Education
Hand in Hand - Working Together Deut. 2:7
July 24th & 25th, 2009
First Baptist Church, Moore
We have exciting opportunities for you if you are interested in being more involved
with Church Weekday Education! We are looking for three people who are willing
and excited to serve as area representatives! The open regions include northeast
OKC Metro, northeastern Oklahoma, and southeastern Oklahoma (you don’t have to
be in the area to serve as their rep). Some of the responsibilities of being an area
representative are:
Must be employed by a Southern Baptist Church with responsibilities in a
weekday program
Contact and assist centers with questions they have regarding curriculum,
teacher training, and various other topics
Attend CWE planning meetings (Aug., Oct., March)
Set-up and attendance at the CWE annual workshop
We are also looking for an area rep willing to edit the CWE Newsletter
Sabrina Thomson
email: Sabrina.Thomson@tulsafbc.org
It’s time once again to make plans to attend our annual Church Weekday Education
Workshop. I hope your staff has saved the dates, July 24-25, to be a part of Hand in
Working Together. You may check out some of the conference topics at
www.bgco.org. To register, use the Workshop registration form on this newsletter or
register online beginning May 1st.
Clara Mae Van Brink will be our keynote speaker. Clara Mae is a Lifeway Multiplier
from Canton, GA, and leads conferences from her years of experience in leading
children’s ministries in the local church and ministering to families and young
children. Sheree Jordan has done a great job securing an excellent faculty with
many choices of topics for the 2009 Workshop.
It is our prayer that those attending this year’s Workshop will be blessed, motivated,
and encouraged in their journey in weekday ministry. Please contact any of our
officers or area reps if you have questions or comments. I look forward to seeing
each of you this summer!
“The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands.” Deut. 2:7
News & Notes

Spring— 2009
e som
rates f
or hotels in the South OKC/Moore area to stay in during the CWE Hand in Hand Workshop in July.
When you make reservations, we recommend that you tell them you are with CWE & Nancy Coffey
some of the hotels
are giving us special rates!
For more information, contact Mark Jones,
BGCO Childhood Ministry Specialist, at
405.942.3000 ext. 4642, mjones@bgco.org, or
visit www.bgco.org.
Comfort Inn
1809 N. Moore Ave., Moore
(I-35 Service Road)
Rates: $99.00
Two queen or one king
Continental breakfast
Fairfield Inn
1101 E. I-240 Service Road, OKC
(by Crossroads Mall)
Rates: $89.99
Continental breakfast
Super 8
I-35 & 12th St., Moore
(I-35 Service Road)
Rates: $60
One bed, $70.00
Two beds
Continental breakfast
Quality Inn
7800 C.A. Henderson, OKC
(Penn & I-240)
Rates: $59.99
One queen or one king
Ask for church rate
Continental breakfast
Holiday Inn
7601 C.A. Henderson, OKC
(Penn & I-240)
Rates: $89.99
One bed
Two beds
Continental breakfast
Candlewood Suites
1701 N. Moore Ave., Moore
(I-35 Service Road)
Rates: $99.99
One queen or two doubles
No breakfast
Best Western
1811 N. Moore Ave., Moore
(I-35 Service Road)
Rates: $73.00
One queen
Two queens
Contact Person: Jessie
Deluxe Continental breakfast
Ramada Inn
I-35 & SE 66th, OKC
(by Crossroads Mall)
Rates: $75.00
Two doubles or one king
Contact Person: Amber
Continental breakfast
What Makes a SMART Teacher?
SMART teachers are those individuals who are always in a learning mode— ready to learn
and eager to know something more about the children they teach. They have a joy and love
for the children they have been entrusted to teach. Encourage your teachers to begin to im-
plement these ideas in their teaching opportunities.
Make learning meaningful. Relate and motivate the child to the Biblical content you
are teaching. Remember learning that is personally relevant is more motivating.
Focus on process, not the outcome. Preschoolers enjoy the process of doing an activity
more than the outcome of an activity.
Engage the emotions. Our emotions help us set priorities. When a child gets excited
about the things he sees in the room he begins to determine what he wants to do first and
then moves on to the next opportunity.
Build bridges to new learning. The child learns when he can link what he already un-
derstands to something new.
Cultivate meaning. Help the child to make learning his own.
Provide choices. The child likes to make his own choices. When he makes his own
choice, he is motivating himself and has set a self-determined goal.
Plan for new experiences. Provide for novelty, something out of the ordinary and out of
the routine.
Keep the child moving. Just like exercise, movement increases the blood flow and
oxygen to the brain.
Un-stick the brain. Plan activities that cause the child to do some cross-lateral move-
Laugh with the child. Laughter increases the immune system by increasing the white
blood cell activity.
Article provided by Ann Edwards
Childhood Ministry Specialist
Lifeway Church Resources

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