1. Umbrella Cookies


Umbrella Cookies
Recipe Ingredients:

· Sugar cookie dough
· Cookie sticks (available at a craft store)
· Frosting
· Food coloring
· Tubes of white icing
· Bendable straws

How to make them:

1. Roll out the cookie dough into a ¼ inch thick disk. Use a plastic cup or round cookie cutter to cut out dough circles.
2. With a knife, cut each circle in half, and then scallop the straight edge. Cut rain drop shapes from the scrap pieces of dough.
3. Lay cookie sticks on an ungreased cookie sheet and gently press a half-circle of dough on each. Place the rain drops on the sheet and bake the cookies according to the cookie dough directions.
4. Once the cookies have cooled, frost them. Pipe on icing lines and make vertical grooves by dragging a toothpick up to make one groove and down for the next.
5. For a colorful presentation add a colorful handle by trimming a bendable straw and sliding it over the stick.

(Idea taken from family.fun.com)

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