1. Questions to Consider

Tips for Choosing the Right Curriculum
Questions to Consider
Does the curriculum guide the church in fulfilling the Great Commission through
the five functions of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, worship, and ministry?
Will students receive a sound, reliable interpretation of the Bible from a
conservative point of view?
Does the material provide a variety of age-appropriate, timely, and relevant
teaching-learning approaches?
Is the curriculum comprehensive, balanced, sequenced, and application-oriented?
Does it offer reasonably priced, easy-to-use, and attractive resources in print,
audio, electronic, and multimedia formats?
Do experienced Bible study leaders write the material?
Is there optional devotional material for personal worship opportunities?
Will the curriculum support the foundation of your overall strategy for age group
When does the curriculum teach key biblical concepts to children and youth?
Make sure that the materials introduce advancing biblical principles at appropriate
times of mental and spiritual development.
10. Do they champion the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God.
11. Do they encourage believers to seek the kingdom of God as the first priority of
their lives?
12. Do they lead believers to develop a perspective of life that sees the world through
the lens of the Scripture?
13. Do they assist the Sunday School and individuals in carrying out the work of the
14. Do they lift up evangelism in every study in which the emphasis appears in the
Scripture text being studied?
15. Do they encourage people to continue to grow in their faith and participate in
other discipleship opportunities?
16. Do they affirm the home as the center of biblical guidance and help equip
Christian parents to fulfill their responsibility as the primary Bible teachers and
disciplers of their children?
17. Do they help lay foundations of the Christian faith and engage learners in a
process of instruction that leads to compel Christians toward spiritual
18. Do they hold leaders accountable for being an authentic example of what they
teach in personal living?
19. Do they offer a wide variety interactive, age-appropriate learning activities?

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