1. Tow Vehicle Requirements

Tent Pick-up and Return Information

The Convention Tents are stored on utility trailers at Boys Ranch Town, 5100 S.E. 33rd in Edmond, OK. It is located on I-35 North, exit #139 just north of the Turner Turnpike, one half mile east of I-35. Please refer to the enclosed map. Groups using one of the tents are responsible for picking up and returning the trailer to this location. Tents must be placed inside the tent barn.

Tow Vehicle Requirements

1. Full size pickup, van or automobile with an 8-cylinder engine and with trailer hitch.
2. Hitch must be Class 3 (500 lbs. tongue weight with 3,500 lbs. load capacity).
3. Hitch ball required is 2 inches for both tents.
4. Light hookup is a standard 4-prong, flat for Tent #1 (52 X 52) & Tent#2 (52 X 76).

Please do not send a tow vehicle that does not meet these requirements.

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Revised 4/4/07 dgl