1. Liability Insurance
  2. Set-up/Take Down
  3. Care for the Tent During the Event
    1. Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Church Outreach Team Evangelism Office

Tent Preparation Checklist
Local Permit for Tent Set-up

___Call or visit your local City Hall or appropriate governmental office to obtain a permit. Do not assume that because your site is in an unincorporated area, that you do not need a permit.
___You will need to contact your local Fire Department. There are certain rules and regulations that fire laws demand.
___A “Certificate of Flame Resistance” is required by local authorities before they will grant permits for the tent. It is enclosed with this packet.

Liability Insurance

IMPORTANT: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE. The following Additional Insured must be named: Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. (See Insurance Statement enclosed.)
___Proof of insurance showing insurance requirements to be in effect must be received in our office at least ten days prior to your use of the tent.

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Set-up/Take Down

___Do not attempt to set up or take down the tent without the Tent Consultant. He has the training and experience necessary to avoid damage to the tent during set up/take down.
___You need to enlist 20 or more strong men to help put the tent up and take the tent down. Also, please have about ten (10 +) sledge hammers to use for driving stakes.
___Please inform your men the Tent Consultant will supervise the set up and take down.
DO NOT WALK ON THE TENT! If you must be on the tent, take off your shoes and crawl down the webbing. The majority of damage occurs from carelessness. Walking on the tent or the side walls will cause holes. Regardless of the ground surface, please do not walk on the tent.

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Care for the Tent During the Event

___Due to Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather and high winds, take every precaution necessary to secure the tent in a safe manner. Valuable equipment such as pianos, sound systems, etc., should be covered with plastic sheeting to protect them from wind and rain.
___If you have valuable equipment under the tent, it is suggested that someone be stationed near the tent every night it is set up.
___If the tent is torn or damaged, please contact the Tent Consultant, Brian Nix, at 405-606-5999 as soon as possible. We will repair minor tears or refer you to the appropriate professionals.
___In the event of heavy rain, without substantial wind, the lower end of the side poles should be moved toward the inside of the tent. This lowers the outer edge and allows water to run off. If this is not done, large pockets of water will gather and the weight will collapse the tent. In the event of heavy rain with substantial wind, side poles should remain upright so tent will remain tight and capable of sustaining wind. The person responsible for the tent will need to inspect frequently for pooling water.

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Church Outreach Team Evangelism Office

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