1. Tent Usage Application
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Tent Usage Application
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Evangelism Office

Date of Application     
Name of Church or Association     
Name of Pastor or DOM     
Requested Date(s) of Use     
Location of Tent set-up site     
Type of Surface     
(Please ensure no buried cables, etc. or overhead obstructions within 20 feet)

Tent Requested: (Please check one)

Tent #1 (52X52 round-requires space of 67’ round) Seats 200-300  $300
Tent #2 (52X76 oval-requires space of 67x91) Seats 450-500$400
Tent #3 (52X124 oval-requires space of 67x139) Seats 700-900$500
What will tent be used for?     

Contact Person:
Position in Church or Association     
Church Address     
City      Zip      
Home Phone      Cell     
Church Phone      E-Ma il     
We, the undersigned have read and understand the guidelines and responsibilities for use of the evangelism tent of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. We make application for scheduling and use of the tent with the assurance that we assume responsibility for the use of the tent and complying with the guidelines. Use for longer periods must be negotiated with the Evangelism Office.
Payment must be received with application in order to reserve a tent unless prior arrangements have been made with the Evangelism Office. A full refund will be made if cancellation is received 60 days in advance of booking.
Pastor or DOM Date     
Contact Person Date     

Please mail payment and application to BGCO Evangelism Group, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. Applications can be email to lrickey@bgco.org or fax to 405-516-4832.

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