Session 4

    BIBLE PHRASES: “Bring an offering to church” (Mal. 3:10).
    “Help one another” (Gal. 5:13).
    “Be ready to share” (1 Tim. 6:18).
    LIFE IMPACT: Preschoolers will understand that the money they bring to church helps needy people and helps to send missionaries to tell others about Jesus.

    (Based on Acts 11:19-30; 13:1-3)
    Many families went to the church in Antioch. They liked to learn about Jesus. One day some visitors from the church in Jerusalem came to their church. One of the visitors was Agabus.
    Agabus stood up and said, “I have some sad news to tell you about the church in Jerusalem. The people there have had no rain for a long time. They plant their seeds, but the plants do not grow because it is so dry. Soon many people in Jerusalem will have very little to eat.”
    The people in the Antioch church were very sad to hear that news. Some of them asked, “What can we do to help the people in that church?”
    Then someone said, “We could send them a money gift.” Everyone thought that was a good idea. “Yes, said another member of the church. Each one of us could give according to how much he has.”
    Someone asked, “But how can we get the money to them?” Then they thought about Paul and Barnabas who were in their city to tell people about Jesus.
    The church asked them if they would be willing to take the gift. Paul and Barnabas said, “We will gladly take the gift to the people in Jerusalem and give it to the leaders in their church.” Then Paul and Barnabas commented, “We are so glad to see that you are sharing with people in need.”
    Later, the church in Antioch sent Barnabas and Paul on a missionary trip to tell many other people about Jesus and to start new churches.
    CREATIVE ART      Make Handprints
    Gather--several colors of tempera paint, sponges, pie tins or other containers for paint, construction paper, poster made by preschoolers in the last session

    Prepare--Print at the top of each piece of construction paper “Help one another.” Put a sponge in each container and pour tempera paint over each wet sponge.
    Teach----The boys and girls may select the color of tempera they wish to use. Let them choose the color of construction paper. The preschoolers may put their hands on the sponges and then make an imprint on their paper. Talk with them about ways they can use their hands to help others. Say the Bible phrase with them.
    BLOCKS Build a Church and Pretend to Share Food

    Gather--Several wood or plastic trucks, small pictures of food or some play food from the Home living Center, picture of a church building

    Prepare--Place the play food and trucks near the block shelves. Place the picture of a church nearby. A few blocks may be put together to suggest a building start.
    Teach----The first boys and girls who come to the block center may add to the building started by a teacher. Ask, Why do you think this food is in the block center today? When they have thought about it, say to them that later they will hear about a church that shared with people in another church who had very little food. Say, The trucks in the block center remind us that we can collect
    canned food at our church and take it in trucks to places where needy people can get it. The conversation may lead them to initiate play with the trucks and pretend food. If your church has a food pantry, take the boys and girls to see it. You may use the Bible phrase, “Be ready to share” (1 Tim. 6:18).
    Pack and Share Clothes with Others
    Gather--children’s clothes of various sizes and several boxes
    Prepare--Teaches may bring clothing from home which children and grandchildren have outgrown. Make available a few boxes in which to pack the clothes.
    Teach----As the preschoolers express interest in the boxes, ask, Have you ever shared clothes that you have outgrown with someone else? Let them tell about times when they have shared. Encourage them to fold the clothes neatly and to put them in the boxes. Ask, How do you feel when you share? Remind them always to “Be ready to share” (1 Tim. 6:18).
    NATURE Work with Magnets

    Gather--different size magnets, object that are attracted to magnets and those which are not, a small tray

    Prepare--Place the magnets and other objects on the tray.
    Teach----Preschoolers enjoy working with magnets. Two or three boys and girls may work together at one time. They learn to share by taking turns. Say, You are doing what the Bible says when you share the magnets and take turns. Recall the Bible phrase “Be ready to share” (1 Tim. 6:18).
    PUZZLES Play “Concentration”

    Gather--six different small pictures of people helping others (two of each one from outdated curriculum), cardboard

    Prepare--Glue the pictures to the cardboard and cut out.
    Teach----Mix up the pictures and place them face down on the floor. A child may turn two pictures over. If the child chooses two pictures that are alike, remove him from the game. Let them continue until all the pictures have been matched. Encourage conversation about the ways the people in the pictures are helping.

    Game. Play the concentration game as the preschoolers come to the group. Ask, Have you ever helped in any of these ways?
    Bible Phrases. Place colored strips on the floor that match those you have placed in the Bible. Let a child throw a beanbag on one of the strips and match it to the one of the same color in the Bible. Whisper the marked Bible phrase to the child and let him say it aloud. Use the phrases suggested at the beginning of the session materials.
    Sing. Sing “Help One Another” (outdated tape or CD or songbooks) or use another appropriate helping song familiar to the preschoolers.
    Story. Tell the Bible story “The Church that Shared.”
    Picture. Picture related to the story from the picture file.
    Conversation. Ask, What can people in our church share with other people? They may suggest money, Bibles, food, outdated Sunday School books, and other items. Remind them that part of the money their family brings to church is used to send missionaries to share Jesus. Talk with the preschoolers on their level of understanding about how churches put their money together to send missionaries (as through the Cooperative Program).
    Prayer. Lead the preschoolers to thank God that they can share with others.
    Relaxation. If parents have not arrived, let the boys and girls sing the “Wiggle Song” or “If You Are Happy and You Know It.”

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