1. Kindergarten Rotation Pack
      2. Children’s Leader Guides
      3. VBS New Testament
      4. Snack Rotation Recipe Cards
      5. Missions Resources
      6. Adult VBS
      7. Special Friends…
      8. Spanish Leader Pack
      9. Visual Pack
      10. Name Tags
      11. Starter Kit

LifeWay’s VBS 2008
VBS Scripture: Psalm
VBS Motto
Know the truth! Speak the truth!
Live the truth!
Administrative Guide for Directors
Administrative resources such as promotion, Family
Night ideas, and follow-up have been moved from
Decorating Made Easy
to the
Administrative Guide for
. Only those items related to decorating are in
Decorating Made Easy
. With this redesign VBS
directors have easy access to all resources pertaining
to planning, administration, and follow-up.
With the new “VBS Directory” printed on pages 4 and 5
of the
Administrative Guide for Directors
, VBS leaders
can easily determine which leader guide, CD, or DVD
is needed to quickly locate specific resources.
Budget planning has never been easier now that the
Administrative Guide for Directors CD
contains a
budget form that automatically totals expenditures.
This form will provide the finance committee with solid
numbers for creating future VBS budgets.
The Administrative Guide CD also contains a 31-day
prayer calendar specific to VBS and the Outrigger
Island™ theme. This reproducible calendar will guide
your congregation as they pray for every aspect of
your VBS.
Kindergarten Leader Pack
Kindergarten Leader Pack
is 2½ bigger for the
same low price! The added resources provide more
activities for pre-readers and beginning readers, and
are designed to help ease their transition to first grade.
Kindergarten Rotation Pack
The music CD in the
3s—Kindergarten Rotation Pack
is now an enhanced CD with added print resources to
help in the preparation for the music rotation.
Children’s Leader Guides
Leader guides for Younger Children, Middle Children,
and VBX now include a feature that encourages
teachers to evaluate the daily session to see if they
have hit the mark. In addition to the Life Truth
(application) statement, each session includes
evaluation statements titled “How to Test the Waters”
to help teachers know if kids are learning the main
truths of the lesson. Example: “The water is just fine if
wave riders can name one way they can learn more
about the one true God.”
Daily Learner Cards
At your request, the Bible story is back on
Learner Cards
. Along with the story title and Scripture
reference, the story is highlighted in bullet point format
to help kids remember the day’s Bible story.
VBX Leader Guide
now suggests that preteens go
to the Missions Rotation instead of Recreation
Rotation. This schedule change makes it possible for a
church to offer missions for all first through six graders
using only one
Missions Rotation Leader Guide
DVD. Preteen-specific recreation ideas are now
included in the VBX Leader Guide.
VBS New Testament
VBS 2008 New Testament
, both Holman CSB®
and KJV, will continue to include Psalms and
Proverbs, great activity pages, and a 30-day
devotional guide. The devotions will revisit the five
truths learned in VBS and help kids go more in depth
with each one. As kids discover more about each truth,
they will be able to share that truth with others.
In the section titled “Selected Old Testament
Passages” kids will find any Old Testament verses that
are part of the Bible story or Bible verse for each day.
Snack Rotation Recipe Cards
The Snack Card format has been changed to include
16 “High Tide” typical snack suggestions (which
require some preparation), 15 Kids Step suggestions
(for churches with longer snack times), and 52 “Low
Tide” suggestions of ready-made snacks that can be
easily purchased. Over 80 snack suggestions perfect
for any day of the week! (Ideas are no longer
suggested for specific days.) Instead of separate
snacks for preschoolers, 14 snacks are marked
“preschool friendly” to let snack leaders know the most
appropriate snacks for the youngest wave riders. Also
included are daily snack prayer suggestions, daily
tabletop review activity suggestions, and “Fun Facts to
Learn in Snacks.”
Music Resources
Music Rotation Leader Guide
now has a DVD
(inside the front cover) with motion and performance
demonstrations by Jeff Slaughter. Lyrics, synced with
music, for all five daily songs are also included on the
DVD. Worship Rally leaders and Music Rotation
leaders no longer have to share one resource.
Demonstrations can also be found on the
Rally DVD
VBS 2008 Helpful Facts, Edition 1 – Created 10/08/07

Worship Rally DVD
includes a beautiful music
video of “The Word” shot on location in Kauai, Hawaii.
This video can be shown during VBS, in teacher
training, or during your regular worship service.
Worship Rally Enhanced CD
will now include
three bonus tracks (songs). These three songs are the
“daily” songs that are not suggested as part of the
Worship Rally, but are often requested by churches for
use in their Worship Rally or Family Night settings.
Get ready for Jeff Slaughter’s newest VBS hit “Yes to
VBS.” You are sure to use it for years to come!
Due to legal issues no VBS audio CD or DVD product
will be reproducible. Tracks that have previously been
reproducible, such as motion demonstrations and
mission stories, are now available on the
Rally DVD
and in the appropriate rotation leader
Missions Resources
VBS 2008 Helpful Facts, Edition 1 – Created 10/08/07
A free world mission map provided by the International
Mission Board is included in every Sampler and Super
Sampler. This resource will be a valuable addition to
the Missions Rotation Site. Churches who do not
purchase a sampler can still receive a map by
contacting IMB at:
or (800) 999-
3113. In addition to this great map, mission study can
be enhanced with great bonus visual footage of each
mission location located on the
Mission Rotation
Leader Guide DVD
. The DVD continues to include
daily mission stories.
ABCs of Becoming a Christian
Jeff uses the ABCs and a conversational tone to
explain the plan of salvation to kids. The segment,
located on the
Worship Rally DVD
, can be used during
Worship Rally, Family Night, or as part of training to
help workers learn how to talk to kids about salvation.
Adult VBS
One of the best kept secrets of LifeWay’s VBS
curriculum is the five-session parenting workshop
included on the
Adult Leader Pack CD-ROM
. The five
one-hour reproducible sessions can be used in
conjunction with adult VBS or as a separate workshop
offered as an outreach event following VBS.
Special Friends…
This is something every VBS Director needs to have
on hand! LifeWay’s VBS Special Education resource,
which has previously just been for older youth and
adults with special needs, has been expanded to
include a complete resource for children’s ministry as
well. Named
Special Friends
, this is an all-in-one
resource for leaders working with children, youth or
adults with special needs. Perfect for mainstreaming or
a self-contained classroom. In addition to the
expanded leader guide filled with teaching plans,
ideas, and practical tips, the accompanying Enhanced
CD has all the music, dramas, and extras needed for a
great VBS outreach experience.
Spanish Leader Pack
In addition to leader guides for preschool and
children’s workers, Spanish materials now include a
Leader Pack. This combination pack provides great
resources for both preschool and children.
Visual Pack
VBS 2008 Visual Pack
is more stunning and
versatile than ever. The five daily 33”x44” posters can
continue to be used separately or attached to each
other to create a beautiful island mural that is 18 feet
long. The mural is perfect for the decorating a hall or
an entire wall of a classroom.
Name Tags
VBS 2008 Name Tags
are more durable than
ever. There is more space between the edge of the tag
and the hole, and that difficulty to use metal clip is
gone. One easy loop of the multicolored lanyard and
the tag is secure and ready to use!
Club VBS Scripture: John 3:16
Club VBS Motto
Saddle Up! Tell Others!
Starter Kit
The all-in-one box has been replaced with the
Club VBS 2008 Starter Kit
containing an
Administration Guide
with CD-ROM, a sample of
the leader and learner guides for each age group
and all the music you need for a rollicking good
Worship Rally.
Now Club VBS is more versatile and affordable
than ever. All Club VBS resources can be
purchased individually with the exception of the
Administration Guide
which is only available in
the Starter Kit.
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