Sharing Life through the
    Annual Report 2006

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program, the Church and Family
    Equipping Team provides training, resources and personalized
    assistance to over 1,700 Oklahoma Baptist Churches.

    More than 500 churches and 3,000
    leaders have participated in the
    Your Sunday School
    strategy, the most
    comprehensive Sunday School growth
    strategy ever developed by the BGCO.
    PowerUP Your Sunday School
    evangelistic prayer, Sunday School
    enrollment, new classes and leadership
    development to reach the lost.
    Student Education
    More than 6,000 students and youth
    leaders participated in interactive
    Sumphero experiences at Falls Creek this
    summer. Sumphero is a new, innovative
    and interactive discipleship program
    that focuses on eight ongoing spiritual
    disciplines: evangelism, ministry, scripture
    memory, Bible study, meditation, fasting,
    worship and prayer.
    Preschool and Children’s Ministry
    More than 800 preschool and children’s
    leaders from Oklahoma and fve other
    states gathered for the Heart of the
    Child Convention in Broken Arrow,
    where more than 100 conferences were
    conducted by 43 conference leaders. Dr.
    Charles Lowery challenged leaders to
    take the biblical mandate to reach and
    teach young children seriously. The
    event concluded with an inspirational
    commissioning service led by BGCO
    Executive Director - Treasurer
    Anthony L. Jordan.
    Robert Haskins School of Leadership
    The Robert Haskins School of
    Leadership has trained over 630 ethnic
    leaders in 38 centers. The school has
    also partnered with Golden Gate Baptist
    Theological Seminary to open three
    ethnic leader learning centers this year.
    Church and Family Equipping
    Leading others, making disciples and
    growing in faith.

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program, hundreds of trained
    Oklahoma Baptist volunteers responded to more than 70 disasters
    and have prepared more than 2 million meals since 1973.

    Disaster Relief
    The total number of trained volunteers
    exceeded more than 2,500 in 2006. Many
    of these volunteers responded to six major
    disasters worldwide.
    Seventy individuals prepared and
    served hot meals in New Orleans during
    January in a continued effort to minister
    to hurricane victims.
    Ninety-six “mud-out” volunteers cleared
    more than 120 homes damaged by water
    and 95 college students worked tirelessly
    during Spring Break helping cleanup
    efforts. The water purifcation team, a new
    addition to the ministry, provided water
    for the entire community of Port Sulphur,
    La., for two months this summer.
    In January and April, 27 volunteers
    returned to Thailand to help the hurting
    Indonesians following the 2005 Tsunami.
    Forty team members provided 6,000
    hot meals in Delaware County following a
    March tornado.
    Fifty families who lost homes and
    possessions to wild fres were given $500
    each in fnancial aid. Wetumka, First,
    which was destroyed by fre, was also
    assisted with fnancial aid and cleanup
    A chainsaw team removed debris for
    three consecutive days in Tulsa following a
    June storm.
    A team of four medical professionals
    worked at the Baptist Seminary in Beirut,
    Lebanon, giving medical aid to refugees.
    Disaster Relief
    Responding to the call and
    meeting needs.

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program,
    Oklahoma Baptists are reaching the
    uttermost parts of the world.

    Partnership Missions
    Thanks to Oklahoma Baptists giving
    through the Cooperative Program, nearly
    100 children attended a camp in Armenia
    where 50 children made professions
    of faith. In addition, a new Christian
    Student Club was started at a college
    in Armenia. As a result of Oklahoma
    missions teams, 80 people made
    professions of faith.
    During the summer, an Oklahoma
    vision team visited Bangladesh. The
    team attended worship in house churches,
    distributed Gospel of John tracts, prayer
    walked and witnessed. God led the team
    to recommend that the BGCO form a
    partnership with Bangladesh, which was
    ultimately approved by BGCO Board of
    Guanajuato, Mexico
    The Baptist General Convention of
    Oklahoma has extended its partnership in
    Central Mexico in Guanajuato through
    2007. In 2006, 20 volunteer teams have
    ministered in Guanajuato distributing an
    estimated 16,243 packets containing the
    Gospel of John, an evangelistic tract and a
    Bible study invitation. The teams started
    33 Bible study groups and witnessed 175
    people make professions of faith.
    Guerrero, Mexico
    Currently, there are approximately
    40 churches in the state of Guerrero,
    Mexico. The BGCO is partnering with
    the Guerrero Baptist Convention to plant
    77 new churches throughout the state
    of Guerrero. The BGCO sponsored a
    church planting conference where 70
    participants were taught how to use the
    Gospel of John and Good News for You to
    start new churches.
    Chicago Area
    Oklahoma associations including
    Pottawatomie-Lincoln Association and
    Washington-Osage Association, along
    with many churches, are partnering with
    churches in various locations within the
    Chicago area.

    Through the Cooperative Program, Oklahoma Baptists
    are sharing the life of Christ from Jerusalem to Judea to
    Samaria to the uttermost parts of the world.

    Acts 1:8 Oklahoma Baptist churches are
    sharing life through the Cooperative Program.
    Cooperative Program
    Each Southern Baptist gives tithes and offerings to the Lord through
    their local church.
    Each church sets a percentage of their budget to invest in Cooperative
    Program missions and ministry causes. Their Cooperative Program
    monies are sent to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.
    Every Friday the BGCO forwards 40 percent of the Cooperative
    Program contributions received to the Southern Baptist Convention
    while 60 percent is used to fund missions and ministries within
    The Southern Baptist Convention forwards monies received to the
    International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board,
    six seminaries and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for
    missions work in America and around the world.
    From your local church to the ends of the earth, Cooperative
    Program gifts allow more than 5,000 International Mission Board
    missionaries, more than 5,000 North American Mission Board
    missionaries and more than 100 Oklahoma state missionaries to
    share the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program, the Church Outreach
    Team ministries assist Oklahoma Baptist churches in reaching
    the lost through evangelism, training and church planting.

    Twenty-three different chaplaincy
    ministries and 356 chaplains are reaching
    Oklahomans. Nearly 200 trained
    Disaster Relief Chaplains, including 61
    endorsed by the North American Mission
    Board, stand ready to respond to a disaster
    anywhere in the world. Hunger funds
    through the Oklahoma Chaplaincy
    Ministry have provided more than
    $162,000 to support Oklahoma churches.
    Women’s Missions and Ministries
    More than 750 women attended the
    State Evangelism Conference Women’s
    Emphasis where the women made
    commitments to evangelism and were
    challenged to share their testimony on
    More than 1,300 women attended
    the Oklahoma Ladies’ Retreat featuring
    emcee and local TV personality Robin
    Marsh. The altar at Falls Creek was full
    of women committing to live a life of
    forgiveness with many making professions
    of faith.
    Camp Nunny Cha-ha had a total of 910
    campers with 31 making professions of
    faith, 16 rededications and 15 being called
    into full-time mission service.
    Church Planting
    A total of 63 new churches were planted
    last year. Twenty-four new churches were
    the result of three successful Kingdom
    Builder Vision Bus Tours designed to
    encourage local churches to become active
    partners in church planting.
    Men’s Ministries and Missions
    In the spring, 886 men attended the
    Facing the Storm Men’s Retreat. There
    were 834 campers who attended the
    Christian Adventure Camp at Camp
    Hudgens with 60 campers making
    decisions for Christ, including 41
    professions of faith. More than 1,170
    attended the RA Congress in March.
    Evangelism & Missions
    Everyone can reach people by sharing their

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program, Falls Creek
    youth camps had record-breaking salvations
    with 2,090 professions of faith.

    In 2006, Falls Creek youth camps had
    record-breaking salvations with 2,090
    professions of faith. More than 800
    churches and 44,000 people registered
    during the seven weeks of youth camp
    with a total of 5,243 public decisions
    including 520 individuals called to
    Falls Creek youth camps helped
    every person develop the basic spiritual
    disciplines needed to grow in their
    relationship with Christ, worship, Bible
    study, connection with a local church and
    life mission.
    Youth Evangelism Conference
    Nearly 10,500 people from 540
    churches attended the 2006 YEC where
    students were challenged to share their
    faith. A total of 243 public decisions were
    made including 44 salvations. More than
    60 churches participated in Mission YEC
    distributing door hangers for new church
    starts in the metro area with more than
    1,100 people participating in advance
    conference training sessions.
    Christian Family Day
    Nearly 3,500 individuals participated
    as the BGCO hosted Christian Family
    Day at Frontier City where 400 adults
    participated in a training conference for
    adult youth leaders.
    GO Students
    Nearly 200 students and sponsors
    worked as missionaries in Cologne,
    Germany, during the summer of 2006,
    which was the largest number of student
    missionaries in the history of the GO
    Students program.
    Pocket Bibles
    New Testaments with Psalms Pocket
    Bibles were sold and promoted at Falls
    Creek, YEC and throughout 2006. The
    Bibles have an explanation of what a Bible
    is along with Roman Road verses, One
    Verse Evangelism presentation (Romans
    6:23) and the sinner’s prayer. The Pocket
    Bible has the icon
    and also has the plan for the FAITH
    presentation. In 2006, there was a goal of
    50,000 Pocket Bibles to be distributed to
    students across Oklahoma.
    Falls Creek Youth Program
    Changing lives and impacting
    the next generation.

    Thanks to the Cooperative Program, the Messenger Network
    seeks to inform and inspire Oklahoma Baptists
    in print, on the air or anywhere.

    Baptist Messenger
    has evolved into
    the “Messenger Network,” which includes
    the weekly newsjournal, an innovative
    Web site and a weekly radio broadcast
    seeking to inform and inspire Oklahoma
    Baptists in print, on the air or anywhere.
    Baptist Messenger
    remains the
    third largest weekly news publication in
    Oklahoma and hit the airwaves in 2006
    with a weekly radio program designed to
    inform Oklahoma Baptists on news and
    issues throughout our state, nation and
    One of the primary roles of the
    BGCO Communications Team is to
    communicate the impact Oklahoma
    Baptists are having through the
    Cooperative Program as they reach the
    world for Christ.
    In 2006, the Communications Team
    held more than 100 media interviews
    representing Oklahoma Baptists on
    numerous critical matters including social,
    political and moral issues impacting the
    The Ethics and Religious Liberty
    Committee hosted the largest Rose Day
    at the State Capitol with more than
    600 people participating, resulting in a
    successful year for pro-life legislation.
    Hundreds of churches took
    advantage of the newly designed
    2006 Edna McMillan State Missions
    Offering materials produced by the
    Communications Team. Materials include
    inspiring videos on DVD, an interactive
    CD-ROM and printed materials to
    inform Oklahoma Baptists about the
    30 ministries supported. The Team
    received two awards from the Baptist
    Communicator Association for the 2005
    SMO material and the Cooperative
    Program Imagine video.
    More than 500 churches are utilizing
    the cost-saving beneft of the BGCO’s
    printing services for materials including
    brochures, newsletters, stationery and
    bulletin inserts.
    A new interactive BGCO Web site,, was launched in 2006 as
    an online resource for pastors, staff and
    church leaders.
    Communications & Baptist Messenger
    The Messenger brings the good news to
    80,000 people.

    BGCO Teams & Affiliates
    BGCO Affiliates: $4,212,109
    International Mission Board
    — Over 5,050 Missionaries
    North American Mission Board
    — Over 5,100 Missionaries
    Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
    Six Seminaries Training Over 15,000 leaders
    — New Orleans
    — Southern
    — Midwestern
    BGCO/SBC Shared Stewardship/Cooperative Program Education: $235,000
    *Percentages are after 1% for shared Stewardship/Cooperative Program Education.
    2007 CP Missions and Ministries Plan
    SBC Missions & Ministries
    BGCO Missions and Ministries: $9,699,891
    Prayer & Spiritual Awakening
    Personal Evangelism Training for Churches
    Evangelistic Campus Clubs
    Media Web Evangelism
    Church Media Outreach Strategy
    See You At The Pole Student Rallies
    Baptist Collegiate Ministries
    On 39 campuses across Oklahoma
    with 42 BCM Directors
    Community Ministries
    Chaplaincy Training and Coordination
    Church Planting Training and Support
    Men’s and Women’s Missions & Ministries
    Disaster Relief Training and Coordination
    Men’s Leadership Training
    Women’s Missionary Union
    Women’s Leadership Training
    Camp and Conference Centers
    Falls Creek
    Camp Nunny Cha-ha
    Camp Hudgens
    Worship & Music
    Worship Leadership Training
    Singing Churchmen, ChurchWomen and
    Oklahoma Baptist Symphony
    Children’s & Preschool
    Vacation Bible School Training
    Children’s Leadership Training
    Preschool Leadership Training
    Family Ministries
    Think Family Initiative
    Financial Peace
    Partnership Missions
    Sunday School/Discipleship Leader Training
    Sunday School Growth Training
    FAITH Sunday School Outreach Training
    Student Ministry Training
    Moral Compass Parent Training
    Youth Pastor Training
    Youth Leadership Training
    Leadership Development
    Church Strategic Planning
    Staff Development and Training
    Demographic Analysis for Churches
    Robert Haskins School of Leadership
    Ethnic Church Leader Education
    Associational Relationships
    Associational CP Education
    Public Affairs and Media Relations
    Cooperative Program Education
    Stewardship Education
    Web Resources and Services
    Church Printing Services
    Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee
    Baptist Messenger
    Financial Services
    Church Retirement Plan Benefts
    Insurance Services
    Church Leader Tax Seminars
    Research and Databases (ACP, SBDS,
    Church Staff Compensation, etc.)
    Facilities Management & Support
    Historical Commission
    Technology & Network Services
    Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
    Oklahoma Baptist University
    Baptist Village Retitement Communities
    The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma
    — Southwestern
    — Golden Gate
    — Southeastern
    2007 Cooperative Program
    Missions and Ministries Plan: $23,500,000

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