1. markers
    2. person’s name

Boys and girls get to know each other
better as they ask different classmates to
sign their BINGO card and name something
they love or love to do.
Make your own heart shaped bingo cards with
squares for each child to sign their name.
Red Hots or a small Heart-shaped candy for
Valentine bag to hold “call” cards with every
person’s name
Make copies of your Heart Bingo Cards or cards using a Val-
entine, February, or Candy Bar theme. Write the names of all
the children on pieces of paper and drop them into a Valen-
tine bag to be drawn during the game.
Have the children go around and ask their classmates to
sign a space on their card and name something they love or
love to do.
The child should also sign his own card. Smaller in atten-
dance classes can sign more than once. When all the cards
are completed, ask the children to sit down at their tables.
Play by drawing a name out of the bag. Play regular BINGO
or blackout. If the children really like the game, then play
"Postage Stamp" any 2x2 square (4 names) on the board,
Provide prizes of Valentine treats.
Game– Valentines
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possible by your gifts through the Cooperative Program
Valentine Bingo

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