1. *toothpick or wooden skewer *colored feathers
      2. 1. Decorate Plain Pencils:
      3. 2. Add feathers to each pencil:
      4. 3. Add heart shapes:

Use an assortment of inexpensive supplies to make
these "Cupid's Arrow" pencils, decorated especially
for Valentine's Day.
Make just one, or create a bouquet of Cupid's Ar-
rows pencils to arrange in a heart-shaped vase; ei-
ther way, we are sure your Valentine will be love
*plain or Valentine theme pencils with erasers; to
decorate plain pencils, you will also need items such as Valentine stickers or
ribbons to wind around the pencils
*toothpick or wooden skewer
*colored feathers
*heart shapes - you can use wooden hearts; craft foam heart shapes; three-
dimensional confetti hearts; or make your own paper heart shapes
*tacky craft glue or low-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
1. Decorate Plain Pencils:
-- You can wind pretty ribbon or yarn around the pencil, using dots of glue to
secure it as you go along.
-- Cover the pencil stem with small pieces of self-adhesive stickers, overlap-
ping the pieces as you go. Tear large stickers into smaller pieces, or even
use colored sticker paper taken from around the cut-outs on a sticker page;
you will not see the individual stickers, only the colors, so small pieces of
sticky paper work well for this purpose.
2. Add feathers to each pencil:
-- Use a sharp toothpick or wooden skewer to drill a small hole in the center
of each eraser.
-- Dip the tip of each feather into tacky glue then push into the pre-drilled
hole in the pencil eraser. One feather may be enough, but the feathers are
light enough that you could, if you wish, use three feathers.
3. Add heart shapes:
-- To make a heart shape out of card stock, without a fold in the middle, first
fold a piece of scrap paper in half, draw half a heart against the fold and cut
it out to use. Unfold and trace around the pattern on card stock; cut around
the traced pattern to make your heart shape.
-- Decorate cardboard, craft foam or wooden heart shapes by gluing on Val-
entine confetti, small stickers, sequins or lace.
-- Apply a line of tacky glue down the center back of the heart, then spread
just a little more glue on the back of the top arches. Press the heart against
the top of the pencil so that part of it sticks to the stem of the pencil and part
of it sticks to the feathers. Let dry.
Courtesy of www.allfreecrafts.com by Jane Lake
Holiday Crafts– Valentines
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Valentine Arrow Pencils

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