1. Signed _____________________________________ ____________
          1. Please send payment and application to: Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Evangelism Group, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
        2. Set Up & Play Instructions – On site consultant can help with set up.
  1. Popcorn Popper


Rental Fee:  * See Below*
Deposit:  $250 (refunded when trailer is returned in good condition)
Trailer Contents: Popcorn Popper, portable outside sound system, tent canopy, Carnival Games (baseball toss, 3 in-a-row game, stacked bottle game, football throw, hula hoops, soccer game), Horseshoes. The following items are attached to the trailer: 47” flat screen t.v., Dolby sound system, DVD player, Wii entertainment game system with variety of games, Karaoke system and limited number of cd’s, Honda generator for optional power source, adapter to plug directly into 110 outlet.

Date of Application: ________ Name of Church or Association: ________________________________
Pastor or Director of Missions:   ____________________________
Requested Date of Use: _________ Time event begins: __________ Time event ends: ________

(trailer will be delivered approximately one hour before start of event)

Address Trailer should be delivered to including town and zip code: ______________________
ON Grounds contact person: ___________________________ Cell: ( ) -  
What will you use the Block Party Trailer for? ___________________________________________________

We, the undersigned have read and understand the guidelines and responsibilities for use of the evangelism Block Party Trailer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. We make application for scheduling and use of the Block Party Trailer with the assurance that we assume responsibility for the use of the trailer and complying with the guidelines.
Payment and deposit must be received with application in order to receive the trailer unless prior arrangements have been made with the Evangelism Office. The payment & deposit must be two different checks. FULL REFUND if cancellation is received 30 days in advance of booking.

Signed _____________________________________  ____________
(Pastor or Ministry Coordinator)          (Date)
Amount enclosed: ____________ (rental) + _____________ (round trip mileage) = ____________.
Deposit enclosed: ____________. Proof of Insurance included: yes ___  No ___

Please send payment and application to:  Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Evangelism Group, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

* Rental Fee: The cost for the trailer covers trailer maintenance as well as delivery, set up and onsite trailer consultant. The following rental scale applies: Mileage rate is as follows - (First 50 miles are included in rental, .20 cents per mile after that.)
Associations: $150 + mileage.
New church Starts: $75 + mileage. (existed less than 5 years)
Churches running less than 100 in attendance: $100 + mileage
Churches running between 100 and 300 in attendance: $125 + mileage
All others: $150 + mileage

Set Up & Play Instructions – On site consultant can help with set up.

Your volunteers will actually run the different games.
Sound System

Ø This is a complete sound system
Ø There are four speakers and six mics
Ø Set up the black case where you want the sound board
Ø Pull the powered snake to the stage area
Ø Plug the mics and speaker cords into the snake
Ø Make sure power is on
Ø When done put everything back in the cases
Ø Put the snake rolled up back in the black case.


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Popcorn Popper

Ø Set up the machine on a sturdy table. (table not provided)
Ø Follow the popping instructions located on the doors
Ø After using the popcorn machine please clean it
Ø Make sure you clean the kettle and remove all unused popcorn from machine

Football Throw & Other Ball Games

Ø Stand the Throwing games on flat ground
Ø Give each player 3 balls
Ø Adjust distance according to the age of the player
Ø 1 or more balls through the hole is a winner!
Three in a Row Game & Stacked Bottle Game
Ø Stand the games on a sturdy table
Ø Give each player 3 beanbags
Ø Adjust distance according to the age of the player
Ø 3 in a row is a winner!

Block Party Highlights Form
To receive deposit back this form must be filled out and returned to the Evangelism Office.
Church Name:  
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Number of Church Workers:
Number of Community:
Number of Professions of Faith:
Share the gospel _____ times
Cost of the Event:
Comments of Evaluation:
Outstanding Stories:
  Please return form to:
Evangelism Group
3800 N. May
Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Received in Good Condition    Returned in Good Condition

Sound System:
 Powered mixer         £           £
 PA Enclosure         £           £
Rack Mount CD – Tape Mount   £           £
 6 microphone stands       £           £
6 Microphones w/ cords     £           £
2 S1 Stand         £           £
 Monitor set         £           £
 (2) 50 foot speaker cables     £           £
 (2) 25 foot speaker cables     £           £
 Powered Snake case       £           £
Popcorn Machine       £           £
 Popcorn         £           £
Open Air Evangelism Item
IQ Cards         £           £
Carnival Games

Dalmation Toss £                                   £

 3 in-a-row         £           £
 Football Throw       £           £
 Stacked Bottle Game       £           £
 Horseshoes         £           £
Canopy             £           £
Power Cord           £           £

Receipt of Block Party Trailer: (Signature) (Date)
Return of Block Party: (Signature) (Date)

Church: ____________________________________

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