Can-do Stilts
    Items Needed:

    v Puncture-style can opener
    v 2 (29-Ounce) cans of tomato sauce
    v Acrylic paint in white, red, and blue
    v Paintbrush
    v Star shapes cut from household sponges
    v Disposable pans or plates
    v Tape
    v 2 (5-foot) lengths of cotton or nylon clothesline
    v Skewer


    1. Puncture a can in opposite spots on the side of the cans. Drain it by blowing into one hole to force the sauce out of the other. Repeat with the second can. Wash both cans under running water to clean them. Remove their labels and let them dry.
    2. Paint both cans white. When they’re dry, dip dampened sponge stars into pans or plates of red and blue paint. Apply the stamps to the cans and let them dry.
    3. For the handles, tape one end of a length of clothesline to a skewer. Push it through one hole and out the other. Have your child stand on the can, holding the line’s ends. Knot the line at hip level and trim. Repeat for the other stilt.

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