Any member of a church within the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is
    invited to use this form to submit recommendations. The electronic form can be
    filled out online at, or the printed form may be mailed to the
    Nominating Committee, Baptist Building, 3800 N. May, Oklahoma City, OK
    73112-6506, or faxed to 405/942-1339.
    Recommendations must be received by July 23.
    Believing this person to be personally committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
    and to the missionary endeavors of the Baptist General Convention of
    Oklahoma, I recommend:
    1. Title _____Dr. _____Rev. _____Mr. _____Mrs. _____Miss
    2. Name ___________________________________________________
    3. Address _________________________________________________
    City_____________________________________ Zip ____________
    4. Home Phone_________________ Work Phone __________________
    5. Approximate age__________ Male__________ Female ___________
    6. Occupation_______________________________________________
    7. Ordained Minister ______Yes ______ No
    8. Church membership________________________________________
    9. City/town where church is located ____________________________
    10. Association ______________________________________________
    11. Involvement in local church:
    (1) Frequency of attendance _________________________________
    (2) Major activity in church _________________________________
    (3) Supportive of Cooperative Program in church ________________
    In convention_____________
    12. Involvement and work within association _______________________
    13. Prior service on state boards and committees ____________________
    Check the board, commission, committee or office on which you believe
    this person could best serve:
    _____ Board of Directors, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
    _____ Board of Directors, Baptist Village Retirement Communities
    _____ Board of Directors, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma
    _____ Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
    _____ Board of Trustees, Oklahoma Baptist University
    _____ Audit Committee
    _____ Committee on Order of Business
    _____ Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee
    _____ Historical Commission
    _____ Assistant Recording Secretary
    _____ Historical Secretary
    _____ Recording Secretary
    Please understand that your recommendation does not assure the person you
    are suggesting will be presented by the Nominating Committee to the state
    convention. However, your recommendation will be given serious
    Name: ___________________________________________________
    (Person making recommendation)
    Mailing address: ___________________________________________
    Daytime telephone: _________________________________________
    Date: ____________________________________________________

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