Using the BGCO ACP History Template

You must have Microsoft Excel installed to use this template.


Initial Setup: Copy & Paste the “ACP History” folder to your root C:\ drive.

To Use the Template:

A.     Download: Log onto the SBDS website and find the church in which you are interested.  Click on Surveys then Time Series Analysis and select the items in the download list below.  Then select Download File, click Generate Report and save the file on your computer.  (You can click Save Items as Default to save your selection so you won’t have to do that every time.)

B.     Save to Excel: Use Excel to open the file you downloaded then save it in your “ACP History” folder as an Excel file with the name, SBDS ACP Download.xls.  The exact name and location are important.  (Both the file you downloaded and SBDS ACP Download.xls can be copied over the next time you use the template.)

C.     Open Template: Double-click the template Church ACP History.xlt and when asked tell it to Update.  The table for the church will appear on the first worksheet tab and the next four tabs will have charts of the statistics.  (The last tab, SBDS Data, is used internally.)

The “ACP History” folder contains samples of the above files in addition to the template and instructions.


More things you can do:

  1. Use “Save As” to save the workbook for a church using the church’s name for future reference.  When opening again do not update links. 
  2. Print the entire workbook with the table and all the charts or just print the parts of interest to you.
  3. Copy any of the charts and paste them into a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Use the table to do additional analysis/calculations of interest to you.  First do #1 above.
  5. Modify the existing charts or create additional charts as you desire.  First do #1 above.


Note: To select these items from the Time Series Analysis screen, 

click on the ACP Survey category on the left side of the screen,

then select the statistical item on the right side.

Download List:

Sunday AM Worship Att

Total Members

Resident Members

Other Additions

Total Baptisms

Total SS Enrollment

SS Average Attendance

Church VBS

CM Total Enrol

Total WMU Enrol

Total Brotherhood

Men/Boys Msn Educ

Msn Project Part

Total Recpts

Undesignated Gifts

Designated Gifts

Tot Msn Exp









- Church Music Total Enrollment




- Mission Project Participation

- Total Receipts


- Total Mission Expenditures

For a complete definition of any item, see the SBDS Time Series Analysis screen


For assistance contact Sam Vinall, Information Services.